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A warm welcome to our company, Media in a Box, based just outside Ashford, in the beautiful county of Kent.

It is true, Media in a Box is a new business in the scheme of things, and if you are reading about us for the first time then thank you for taking the time to do so. We are a new company, and we are proud of being so. However, in terms of the media & marketing industry, we are veterans!

Media in a Box was formed for one reason, to help businesses navigate the minefield that is media and marketing, Digital in particular. Digital Marketing, Digital Development can be a confusing and costly for many businesses. Media in a Box has helped many companies who have been deceived around work on their websites, blitzed with huge reports and jargon around Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), and not really getting anywhere in terms of increases in natural traffic, and not really understanding what any of it means for their business. This upsets us greatly and damages the reputation of our industry.

The other big challenges for businesses, especially small to medium enterprises, is time. We have found that many business owners and boards want to deal with just one company for all the things they need when marketing their businesses. However, in many cases, the client is dealing with 2-7 different contacts for various different services, and time alongside knowledge gaps on some of the services they have instructed on has been costly, and have not yielded results that align with their company objectives. This is not unusual for SME’s, whether they are based in Medway or Manchester, the same challenges exist.

Media in a Box offers a wide range of services. We try to start at the beginning, and our journey always starts with your website and what you have currently. Taking the time to do the research is hugely important to us. Understand who your target audience is, whether they are even searching at the moment, and what words they are using to search is, in our experience, sometimes the difference in having a successful campaign. Understanding what media stories or events are happening at the time is another factor. I refer to England’s progress in the World Cup, and in particular, the adulation that revolved around Gareth Southgate, and his waistcoat. Search and sales of waistcoats increased dramatically, and it was unsurprising to us to see tailors and suit suppliers advertising their messages aligning with Gareth Southgate.

Media in a Box will never ever spend a client budget that they do not have to spend. With constant analysis during our clients’ projects, we are not afraid to tweak projects to get more out of each penny spent. We work as an extension of your business, and generally, if your business is making money then so are we. Therefore, we believe it is in our best interests to position your business, its brand, its advertising messages, and its website, in front of the most targeted audience, providing the best user experience to encourage them to convert.
If you would like to start a discussion on how Media in a Box can help your business then do not hesitate to contact us.

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