TV & Audio Production

Alongside our other creative services, we can also offer both TV and audio production. We work with some of the leading producers in the country to ensure your visual and audio presence portrays your company’s brand, ethos and sales messaging in the most effective way possible.

We can offer live action and animated TV commercials, produced by teams that work not only in the commercial sector but on huge TV and film productions. From the most simple to complex, we aim to ensure that the process of bringing your branding and message to TV audiences is effortless. With personal consultation and support throughout.

Our radio teams are expert not only in straight commercials but also in highly effective jingles and sonic brand triggers. They bring brands to life on the radio! Could your sonic be as memorable as Mcdonald’s, Intel? Media in a Box ensure that you find the correct length of radio advertisement to use, its creative approach against your business objective, the type of music to use in the background, and an end result that can be used to support your marketing now and in the future.

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