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Top AI Tools for Media Creation for Small Businesses

Top AI Tools for Media Creation for Small Businesses

If you haven’t heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business yet, you will. It’s the trendiest ‘helping hand’ small businesses have had in a long time.  Indeed, you’ve probably been using AI without even knowing it, such as your social media accounts.

Whilst the gaming and film industries have been using AI for some time – although they’ve yet to discover the technology’s true capabilities – businesses have been a bit slower on the uptake.  But no more; creating videos, enhancing images, recording a podcast, even writing your blog copy can all be done without the need to hire expensive agencies, thanks to AI. So, we’ve put together our top AI media creation tools that will help small businesses compete in a big business world.

Spice up your images

An image speaks a thousand words really does ring true in today’s digital world but not all of us are adept at enhancing images to a professional standard; until now. A great AI tool is Let’s Enhance; upload any photo or image to the platform and it will automatically analyse its quality, contrast, brightness, hue and colour then correct or retouch it for you and deliver a clear, high quality image you can be proud of.

You can also use Let’s Enhance for upscaling and resizing photos, increasing the resolution and processing a batch of photos, perfect for e-commerce websites and estate agents.

Get video creative

Who says you can’t create a video in a short time? Not Synthesia which can help you create a video up to 30 minutes long in no time at all.  You decide your own background, add an avatar and either upload your favourite background music or use Synthesia’s authentic or synthetic voices. 

This AI-based solution makes product demos, marketing and training videos, as well as video chatbots easy.

Another video creation tool that is equally powerful is Rephrase.ai.  Perfect for creating explainer and educational videos, you can add images, text, animated characters and include other video clips. Rephrase.ai enhances collaboration by enabling you to share your videos with others, plus there’s a great tutorial to help you get started.

Animate your videos into 3D

We’re getting truly technical now; yes, you really can turn your product demo or training video into a 3D animation yourself.  KinetiX gives you the power to edit your videos and add filters into 3D magic.  Its useful drag-and-drop dashboard means you can drop any .fbx file or upload your MP4 records and videos for editing.  You can also copy and paste your YouTube video’s URL.

KinetiX allows you to customise your videos and comes with a variety of useful features including prototyping, a range of animations and characters, 3D visualisation and automated workflows for better collaboration with employees and customers.

Test your design skills

Whether it’s your logo, website banner, online advert or many other design creatives, you can now do it yourself with Designs.ai.  With a wide range of AI-based media tools, including a huge image library, logo branding kit, speech mater and other assistive tools, you will be designing all your own digital marketing and branding material in a matter of days. 

Designs.ai’s cloud storage feature means you can store all your designs in the cloud without taking up room on your own PC or laptop, and access from anywhere.  Simply open a new canvas, drag-and-drop in your chosen shapes and images, decide on your own font, background and colours, and save.

Personalise your landing pages

Predicting the right call to actions, promotions or offers that will capture your target audience can be a challenge; you need a crystal ball and that’s exactly what you get with Personyze. This AI-based tool will track the attributes of a visitor to your landing page, such as past behaviour, source, demographics, location and other features to display a landing page that is personalised to them. 

An added advantage with Personyze is that you can use it to track your landing page’s performance as well as do all your A/B testing on a variety of landing pages to find out which one works the best.

CliClap is another tool that learns your website visitors’ habits by analysing their metadata and learning how to help them engage better with your website.  It provides content recommendations that are personalised to them, providing a greater opportunity of converting them into a lead or customer.

Optimise your online content

Sometimes your content is just not hitting the right note with your target audience but it’s hard to know why. This is when you need a powerful content editing tool, like Word.ai, that will analyse your content and suggest multiple ways of improving it, such as restructuring sentences, providing alternative content and clarity enhancement.

Another handy AI-based paraphrasing tool is QuillBot which looks at your content and eliminates any repetitions as well as suggest synonyms. QuillBot’s features include a citation generator, a grammar checker and it will succinctly summarise your work.

Take advantage of the podcast boom

If you haven’t heard of podcasts, where have you been? These great story-telling audio recordings are just so handy and a great way to tell your target audience all about your business, or campaign, or just to inform and educate.  Podcastle is a useful AI-based tool where you can create either one-off or multiple audio recordings up to 45 minutes in length.  Its magic audio processing feature ensures that every podcast your record is of the highest quality, and it even allows you to record live interviews.

As an extension to Google Chrome’s browser, Podcastle’s features include being able to turn your written content into a podcast, edit and transcribe podcasts, revoice your content and automatically saves your podcast.

As a small business, it can be difficult to match the ‘big corporates’ that have the big budgets to make creative digital media, but today’s AI-based media creation tools are a big step towards achieving a common ground.

At Media in a Box, we offer a variety of social media, SEO, content marketing and website design services that are not only highly effective but will also meet everyone’s budget, no matter how big or small it is.  Whether it’s optimising your website, developing a social media plan or helping with content marketing, contact us today and let’s chat.