Small Business Booster Package – Why have we launched a package for small businesses?

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Small Business Booster Package - Media in a Box

We run a small business!

There, we’ve said it. Just like many of you reading this we run a small business. We are proud of it. We work across the United Kingdom. However, our homeland is Kent. We have learnt that it does not matter which part of the country your business is located, that the challenges are the same. How do you drive new customers, how do you make sure you are found on Google, how do you raise awareness of what you are doing, how do you manage all this on the budget that you have?

Media in a Box understands these challenges because we have the same challenges. We decided to have a look at trying to create a package that solved some of these things. We knew that we had to look at platforms that had eyeballs and lots of them. We knew that the package had to be really localised for our businesses. Let’s face it, a small business that operates in Liverpool is not really likely to be interested in what is going on in Dover unless they offer a service nationally. We also knew that the package had to deliver some increases in ranking on search engines such as Google. Finally, we wanted to have a package that delivered advertising messages to warm recipients and include some targeting within it so that we can at least place messaging in front of people that have an interest in what your business has to say.

Though price is part of the decision-making process for most small businesses we didn’t want to make it the sole reason for creating this package. We wanted this opportunity to have a set of criteria that provides the best chance for success. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for smaller businesses to compete on a good level against their bigger competitors consistently.

So, we present the Small Business Booster Package which you can find by clicking HERE

The package consists of the following for just under £140 + VAT per week.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to raise your ranking on search engines using one keyword group and one location
  • Google Ads – Advertising on Google search engine each month within your area
  • Facebook Advertising – Advertising on Facebook (not boosted posts) that is targeted to your areas you serve
  • Booster Alert – A scrolling advertisement that will be presented on various websites within the area you serve
  • Website Maintenance – To implement the SEO recommendations each month

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
The higher you rise on keywords that matter to you, the more traffic you have coming to your website, and the more chance you have for a conversion/sale. Somebody once told me that you can hide dead bodies on page 2 of Google. If you think about it, when was the last time you searched and went to page 2 of Google for what you are looking for? Our service aims to get a small number of keywords that relate to your business on page 1, and ultimately in position 1 though this is not easy. This is fully reported on and a live panel is provided to your business so that you can see where you are ranking for the keyword group we have chosen. This data is updated every 24 hours. Access to your Google Analytics is required though if this is not set up then we will do this for you and as long as we can get access to your website, we will apply the Google tracking code to your website. This ensures that we can fully report from your own website data rather than the standard system reports.

Google Ads
We write the text-based ads for you and our system targets keywords associated with your website. We can advertise in any location and generally use your local locations. However, we have to keep an eye on the number of areas we target as this can dilute the budget and reduce effectiveness. We are able to track phone calls from the advertising into your business. The main benefit is that the traffic that your advertising will be presented to is actually searching within your area for the services that you provide. Though we cannot ever guarantee conversion from advertising it makes sense that if we are presenting your marketing messages in the geographical areas you serve then your business has a good chance of a potential conversion. Again, this activity will be fully reported on each month.

Facebook Advertising
We will design and run targeted Facebook advertising for your business each month. We can target the likes and behaviours of your target audience. This approach to Facebook Advertising is more effective than just boosting posts and will raise brand awareness in the locations you serve. Social Media is the new pub and we see people becoming fans of your business and converting from this form of advertising. This advertising will run from your business Facebook page and will be fully reported on each month.

Booster Alerts (example at the bottom of the page)
We are sure you have seen the breaking news scrollers at the bottom of your TV screens when the likes of the BBC or SKY want to draw your attention to something that is very important. We provide these as an advertising format each month for you. They appear on mobile only and will target users against the locations that are important to you. The user could be on Gumtree, eBay, even the Mailonline and your advertisement could present to them. These are highly effective in raising awareness and driving traffic to your website. Consisting of one image/logo and up to 140 characters, they are designed to quickly grab attention and encourage click through. These are also fully reported on each month.

Website Maintenance
As part of the SEO section of this package, some on-site changes are going to be required each month to ensure progression. We include one hour of website maintenance to ensure that these recommendations are carried out. However, if you need a new image putting up on the site, a new video uploading, some text changing then we can complete that for you as well. All you have to do is let us know and this will be actioned for you. We just simply require access to your website so that we can complete this.

We believe that the Small Business Booster Package really does provide an opportunity to drive traffic and new customers whilst truly building brand awareness for your business. In an age when online is growing at a significant pace, Media in a Box is providing all this for just under £140 + VAT per week.

Our SEO alone is normally £125 + VAT each week so this represents fabulous value and is part of our commitment to assisting small businesses to grow. We will visit you on a monthly basis which is really important. This is so we can find out what is coming up within the business, what is important to the business at that point, and to go over the intelligence we have acquired over the previous month. We do all this with no technical jargon just plain old English!
For further details, to arrange for us to come and see you, to book the package then call 01233 878233 and ask for Steve or Sarah or email

For details of the package – Click HERE 

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