A search engine is just like a music chart!

You complete all your website, you drive traffic to it, you keep writing content for it, and eventually, you might make number 1 on a keyword. However, if you do nothing, if you don’t have content regularly being uploaded and updated on your website, if you don’t make your website the MOST relevant when your target audience is searching against the keywords they are using to search, you drop down the ranking just like an artist drops down the charts.

Media in a Box makes SEO simple, explains it in a simple way. SEO is about ensuring you have what your target audience is searching for, and that your website is structured so that they can find it.

Our monthly SEO service aims to:

Improve the ranking of your website, in the locality you serve, within organic search engine results

Ensure that your target users searching on relevant keywords for your business, are finding you.

Make your website search engine friendly and user-friendly

All fully reported on each month

Monitoring ranking position, but more importantly monitoring new users to the site, and the amount of organic traffic coming into you on a monthly basis

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and long-term project. However, obtaining 1st to 3rd positions on the first page of search leads to higher traffic levels and generally greater conversion.

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