Search Engine Optimisation

A Search Engine Is Just Like A Music Chart

Let us explain.

When an artist has a new album, single or tour they and their record company promote heavily, resulting in them topping the charts.  After they stop, they drop down the charts, and another artist promotes their new single, album, or tour and they climb up the charts.  Search Engines are pretty much the same.

Search Engine Optimisation is there to help you top the charts (search results) and stay there.  So, it is not a short-term marketing option, it needs to be ongoing to retain your position in the charts (search results).

Search Engine Optimisation is all about making your website as relevant as possible to your potential customers so the right keywords are essential.

MIAB - SEO - Explainer (1)

The monthly aims of our SEO Services

MIAB - Our SEO Goals
  • Improve the ranking of your website, in the locality you serve, within organic search engine results
  • Ensure that your potential customers searching on keywords that are relevant to your business are finding you
  • Make your website search engine, and user friendly
  • Monitor ranking positions, new users to your website, and the amount of organic traffic coming to your website
  • All this fully reported on, each and every month

Media in a Box makes SEO simple, explains it in a simple way. SEO is about ensuring you have what your target audience is searching for, and that your website is structured so that they can find it.