Paid Search comes under many names, Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, PPC. The truth is it is simply advertising on a search engine against the words that your target client is most likely to type in. These could be words that your business hasn’t even thought about.

However, Paid Search is much more than just keywords, and the management of your account is critical to ensuring that you receive the very best return on your investment.

Google AdWords

Media in a Box aims to de-jargonise Paid Search. Our team ensure the following:

  • We conduct a thorough analysis to find the most viable keywords that have the potential to deliver good ROI on the budget provided
  • We don’t just focus on impressions and clicks, our focus is on whether these clicks are turning into conversions on your website
  • We are prepared to tweak your ads, try different keyword groupings to ensure we achieve the objectives
  • We target the locations that matter to your business and can have multiple ads running in different locations
  • We are able to advertise different products or solutions at the same time
  • We work to try to gain as much viable targeted traffic as we can gain, for less spend
  • We will work with you to ensure that traffic is arriving to the best valid, optimised landing page that has the best chance of conversion. No directing traffic to just your homepage
  • We will actively work to improve the quality score of your account so that you get cheaper cost per clicks
  • Includes a monthly meeting (video call or face to face) and monthly reporting

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