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5 Cost-Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

Whether it’s an online e-commerce store or any other website, every business wants to drive traffic to their website to generate sales and increase their customer base. But not every business has huge budgets to spend on marketing and other promotional activities. So, how do you drive traffic to your website in a cost-effective way?

In today’s digital environment, your website is key to increasing business sales. It’s great when the number of people visiting your website increases; or is it? Numbers per se are not the definitive answer. It’s numbers that actually turn into paying customers that count.  Driving traffic is one thing; making sure that traffic is high quality is the priority and that means your online marketing has to be targeted. So, let’s look at 5 cost-effective ways you can increase traffic to your website.

1.  A social media presence

Whilst e-commerce sites are strong advocates of social media and use it regularly, other types of business may well question the validity of using social media to drive traffic to their website. So, here are some stats for you to consider:

  • There are 31 million Instagram users in the UK as of January 2021, and 53% of the UK’s population can be targeted through social media advertising.
  • LinkedIn reported engagement reaching record levels last year, with 727 million professional business people interacting on the platform – the potential reach is 56% of the UK’s adult population.
  • Facebook Messenger – one that is more often than not overlooked by many marketers – has over 1 billion users worldwide, 30 million in the UK, and reaches 52% of the UK population.
  • On average, people spend three hours a day on social media networks and messaging platforms – now that’s a captive audience.
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Have we convinced you yet? A social media presence is crucial for any business and the coronavirus pandemic has proved it ten-fold. Social traffic builds long-term relationships with your customers, and therefore long-term success. But posting about anything and everything is not going to be effective. Your posts have to be informative, engaging, and solve your customers’ wants or needs. Create a social media plan that incorporates the following:

  • Use engaging images or infographics.
  • Remember, video is king! ‘How to’ videos are highly effective.
  • Host an online conversation or webinar.
  • Always include relevant hashtags.
  • Ensure your content is original but engages an audience, i.e. is written in a conversational style that encourages people to interact.
  • Repurpose old content – just because it’s old, it doesn’t mean the information isn’t still relevant.

2.  Online advertising 

Whilst you will need to spend a little of your budget on online advertising, it is a cost-effective way of taking advantage of search traffic. Indeed, spending on digital advertising rose 17.3% on a like-for-like basis in the UK last year.

However, there is an art to creating an online ad that will captivate your targeted audience.  Large multinational companies are competing with small and medium-sized businesses in this environment. Making sure your ad stands out from your competitors is crucial or you could end up so far down the list to make your spend worthless. 

  • Make sure your headlines grab the user’s attention. Keep them direct, to the point and clear.
  • Your ad content has to solve your potential customer’s ‘pain points’, i.e. what you are offering is a solution to their problem.
  • Always include an image with your ad – visuals are far more effective than text and generate more clicks.
  • Consider your keywords carefully – a few well-targeted keywords can be far more effective than adding every keyword or keyphrase possible.
  • Ensure your ad is targeted towards your ideal customer base.

3.  Guest blogs 

A great way to drive traffic to your website is through guest blogging.  However, make sure that your guest blog on websites, or through businesses, that not only accept guest blogs but are also relevant to your industry.  

Guest blogging is an opportunity to build brand awareness with your target audience. Your guest blog has the potential to reach far more people than a blog on your own website and social media platforms. Ideal content for guest blogs includes case studies, ‘how to’ articles, and personal experiences; this type of content is much more likely to ‘connect’ with your reader.

Alternatively, build valuable links with authoritative sites and invite them to contribute to your blogs. By posting a guest blog on your site, not only can you market their blog to your audience, they will be doing the same thing, thereby doubling the potential opportunities. 

4. Networking works 

The idea of breakfast meetings and listening to people talking about their business has long gone; networking today is a very different environment – and it works. Business professionals from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds network online through digital platforms like Triberr, or through a bloggers association.

However, ensure you join a networking group that is in your business’s niche; sharing information and networking with like-minded professionals is far more effective. That said, sometimes networking outside of your immediate customer base can generate successful results. Always remember that what you take away must also be given back.   

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5. Utilise podcasts 

Over the past year, the popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially. During the pandemic, audiences wanted ways of engaging with brands that didn’t involve leaving the house and podcasts were a good outlet. There was a 24% growth in podcast subscribers in 2020 alone.

Today, there are currently 850,000 active podcasts worldwide. With 65% of podcasts listeners tuning in via portable devices such as mobiles, there is a captive audience waiting to hear about your products or services. Either start your own podcast or ask to be a guest on another podcast. But, as with all methods to drive traffic to your website, ensure that the podcast topic is relevant to your business.

At Media in a Box, we offer a variety of social media, SEO, content marketing, and website design services that are not only highly effective but will also meet everyone’s budget no matter how big or small it is. Whether it’s optimising your website, developing a social media plan, or helping with content marketing, contact us today, and let’s chat.


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