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Running marketing for your business can be expensive, and not just on your budget. Hiring the correct expertise can be time-consuming, and hiring expertise on social media, search engine optimisation, and buying media can be beyond the budgets of most companies.

Media in a Box combines all services, from planning the concept to full delivery of strategy. Your business may not have an effective website, you may find that you are not being found on search engines (and we all know how important it is to be found on Google), Your creative may be missing that extra fizz, or you may even long for a video that perfectly portrays the services and character of your business. It could even be that you want us to plan and book your next advertising campaign. Media in a Box has you covered.

Our Services.

Our wide range of services include Website and Mobile App Development, Media and Digital Strategy and Planning, Search Engine Optimisation including Google My Business Optimisation, Paid Search (Google Adwords, Bing Adwords), Facebook Advertising, Creative Design, Media Buying, Video Production & Editing, Content Production, and Social Media Management. We even offer On-site Consultancy, where we can come into your business and become your marketing department.

Website/App Development

Having a fantastic digital presence that tells the story of your business, showcases your business identity, and provides that quick, informative, and easy to use journey for new and existing customers is crucially important in today’s digitally dominant world.
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Paid Digital Advertising

Paid Search comes under many names, Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, PPC. The truth is it is simply advertising on a search engine against the words that your target client is most likely to type in.
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Social Media Management

Social Media plays a huge part in people’s lives, and whether we are a lover of it or not, there can be no doubt that a very high number of people engage with Social Media on a daily basis.
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Video Production

The rise of video is there for all to see. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine used by consumers, and consumers love video. Media in Box also love video, we love making it, we love watching it.
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Media Strategy

With hundreds of newspapers, millions of websites, and more social media channels arriving by the day, there is a lot of different options available to your business, and this is even before we bring in platforms like radio or TV.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Media in a Box makes SEO simple, explain it in a simple way. SEO is about ensuring you have what your target audience is searching for, and that your website is structured so that they can find it.
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The media world is changing! Don’t let your business suffer, just open the box, and find out more about us and check out the services we provide.

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